Welcome! At this time, I’d like to ask everybody to please remain seated throughout the blog, and keep your eyes on the screen at all times. Also, for the safety of our writers, and the comfort of those around you, please no flash photography or use of external video lights. Alright, now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s talk about me. My name is Kristina and I’ll be your web guide during this magical journey into the Walt Disney World College Program. So, is everyone ready? Great, because it’s blog time!

Kudos to anyone who catches what that little intro was inspired from! Once again, this blog is going to be on all things related to the WDWCP. I’ll be taking you right into the middle of the action of my fabulous Disney adventure: the planning, applications, and beyond. But between you and me, this is no ordinary blog because I bring these experiences to life and offer you a world of information that will help you on your way to the CP.

I’m currently a senior majoring in Communication at Michigan State University and I will be participating in the Disney College Program during the Spring 2011 season. I have always loved Disney and chose my major based on what I thought would fit best to someday work for the Disney Company.




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