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Questions: Part 1

17 Aug

So a lot of people on the Facebook group have been asking questions about things like apartments, schedules, and such. I figured some of you who aren’t on the Facebook group might be having some similar questions. (And if you’re not on the Facebook group, you really should be because everyone is so helpful!)

Here are a list of questions I have found and following that, my answers which correspond accordingly to the question numbers.



  1. How much is the deposit for the apartments before I get there, and would I be able to get it back should something come up? 



 2. How are hours scheduled regularly? Do you have some sort of say so on when you work (like emphasizing weekends and nights), or do they bounce you around so much where you’re not really guaranteed specific hours? 

 3. What exactly is the difference (both in living style and cost) of the three main buildings? 


 1. I’m not sure if there’s an apartment deposit, but there is an acceptance fee (about $100) that you pay after you get your letter. You have about 3 weeks to accept your offer and that is further explained in that lovely purple folder. 

 2. During the program, you work 35-45 hours during regular season and 50+ hours during peak season (holidays, etc.) I am also fairly sure that the schedules change by week. I don’t think you can ask to work certain days, but I’m not all too sure. It’s best to ask someone who has already been in the program what a typical work week looks like. Here is the example work schedule that’s posted on the official College Program website: 


 And here is a real schedule from a member of the Facebook group:   

 3. There are a few differences in cost/style of the 3 apartments (Vista Way, Chatham Square, and Patterson Court), but they’re aren’t major. I actually got to tour Vista Way when I was there in May, so I can mostly speak on its behalf. What I liked right away is how close Vista is to Disney World. It’s about a 5 minute drive from the entrance closest to Downtown Disney. There’s a Walgreens right at the corner where you turn into the complex so that is really convenient. A few restaurants and shops are within walking distance of the front of the complex as well. My first impression driving up to it was that it looked just like any other apartment complex in Florida from the outside. You can definitely tell it’s the older complex. The security was great though. My friend from school had to notify the check-in security that we were coming and only 3 people can be signed in at a time and everyone must be over 18. We had to show our IDs at check-in and they took our plate number too. So it seems like a really safe environment right from the entrance. Every apartment building is labeled with a number which made it super easy to find where I was going. I don’t think you can get lost around there. 

When I walked into the apartment it seemed very spacious, but the thing that turned me off was how empty it felt. I know we can’t bring a ton of stuff and even if you drive you can’t bring everything, but everything was pretty much blank. The girls were also still unpacking so maybe they hadn’t brought out decorations yet. Everything was very dated, but it was clean so that was good. My mom noted that the carpet looked dirty, but I think that’s just because it’s old. There was no tv, but they all said that in their first program session, they hardly used a tv anyway. One thing I noticed is that there was only 1 desk for the entire apartment. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it is right where the internet jack is. And there is only one of those in the entire apartment. So unless you want to keeping plugging your computer in all the time, I suggest getting a wireless router. I plan on bringing my own so I can just use my computer in my room. On the topic of rooms, they were pretty decent in size for an apartment. Better than a dorm room for sure. The layout of the beds/dresser really depends on the size/shape of the room. The rooms are pretty much the same size, but they might have different corners that make the layout a little different. The dresser looks just like it does in pictures: very spacious with plenty of space. And the closet is huge!! I was really impressed by that. It’s a walk-in so there’s lots of room for storage on the floor. The apartment I visited was a 3-bedroom. Vista only has 2 and 3 bedrooms. I think they said they were paying about $80 a week which is pretty reasonable. The only thing that I didn’t like about this specific 3-bedroom was that there was only 2 bathrooms. One was in the first bedroom so those girls got to share it. But the other one was by the other 2 bedrooms and 4 girls had to share it. I had thought that there would be 1 bathroom per room. But the 4 girls who share that one said it works out just fine. I would still prefer to only share with one other person, but that’s just me. 

I also got a chance to drive over to Patterson Court and Chatham Square. Now these complexes were BEAUTIFUL! Can I say that again? B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!  You can really tell that they are the newer apartments. The outside décor is really pretty and there’s tons of big trees lining the road up to the complexes. The only problem is they seem a little bit out of the way compared to Vista. It seemed like it took a while just to get to the entrance of these complexes. There is a shopping complex nearby with a Publix, but it is definitely not within walking distance. And from what I hear, not many people walk there. Cost of living at Chatham/Patterson is about $20 more than Vista, but they’re newer and bigger. On the subject of apartment size, I found a nifty comparison on Chris Saribay’s blog ( which shows a nice detailed view of Chatham Square versus Vista Way.  


 One other thing to know about apartments is that every building is designated wellness or non-wellness. (If your apartment is a wellness, then every other apartment in the building is also wellness.) Wellness apartments are completely dry (no alcohol allowed whatsoever). If ANY alcohol is found in  a wellness apartment, everyone living there gets terminated from the program, or so I’ve heard. If you are 21, you will automatically be placed into a non-wellness apartment, unless you specify that you’d like to be in a wellness. Honestly though, I would stick with the non-wellness if you’re over 21. Even if you don’t drink, you want to be in a situation where other friends your age could bring alcohol in your apartment. However, if you still wanted to request to be in a wellness, I think you would do so on your arrival day when you pick your housing.  

I hope this answers some questions you may have been wondering about. I’ll definitely do another questions blog soon, but I want to know what YOU want to know. Email me at kristinawdwcp@gmail and ask me anything about the Disney College Program, and I’ll post my answers here.

 Have a magical night! 

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” -Walt Disney



Why do I love Disney??

12 Aug

Where do I even begin? I have ALWAYS loved Disney. Always. As a little girl I pretended I was Belle and would dance around with my dad to the Disney Sing Along tapes during “Beauty & the Beast”. (He was the Beast). I was Belle, Jasmine, & Cinderella for Halloween, just to name a few. Whenever we went to a relative’s house, I’d put on a show, singing my favorite Disney songs and marching around like I was in a parade. We owned what seemed like every Disney VHS out there and I never got sick of watching every one over and over again. I had every Disney Princess Barbie doll and would re-enact their stories with my little brother. (He didn’t mind so much back then!) I had these books called “Disney Girls” about this group of friends who had magic powers. They believed they were Disney Princesses and at certain moments, could become that princess. I was one of them, or so I wanted to believe. I didn’t care that the rest of the kids in school thought Disney was lame. Every year since kindergarten, I have done some sort of school assignment related to Disney, at least once a year. In 6th grade, I did our big end-of-the-year project on Disney World and I still have that poster. Even in college, my huge 12-page in-depth research paper was about Disney and it’s idea of the American Dream, how everything it does is perfect and fits this wonderful family value of imagination and fun. I got an A on that & couldn’t have been more proud.

When I first visited Disney World in 1997, I was just 7 years old, but I knew something was magical before I went. It was all I could talk about for days before our trip. I remember telling my mom it was like a dream. And when I first walked into the Magic Kingdom, it WAS a dream. It was the most perfect dream I’ve ever experienced and to this day, I can’t help but feel like a little kid again when I see the Castle. My mom always says it feels like a time capsule when you’re there, that everything else in the world stops because you’re in this wonderful magical place where anything is possible. And I truly believe that. As soon as I’m within the borders of the World, I instantly feel this sense of comfort and familiarity. I become over whelmed with emotion and just can’t believe that I am there. I literally tear up just driving around and knowing that I’m home. I really do call Disney my second home because it’s somewhere I feel safe and where I have a huge “family” all around me. When I go back to Michigan, I say I’m just going on an extended vacation and that I’ll be home soon. Disney isn’t just a place to have fun, it has touched me in a way I can’t begin to describe. Its magic has such an extremely powerful effect on me and my only wish is to share that magic with everyone I come in contact with. I have turned Disney non-believers into some of the biggest Disney fans. I can turn any conversation into something about Disney, everything I see in life reminds me of Disney. I live, breathe, eat, sleep, and dream Disney. The blood running through my veins is probably full of pixie dust. (I do actually tend to shed glitter on people sometimes).

Everyone here knows me as the Disney girl, and I’m perfectly ok with that. I’m not afraid to hide my love for something which I truly believe in. When I get asked if I ever get sick of it, I just laugh. What is there to get sick of. I can ride the same attraction a million times over, yet it will be a completely new experience every time. I can meet my favorite characters over and over and still have a different conversation. It will never get boring to me and I think my love for Disney will just keep growing stronger. When I tell people I want to run Disney some day, I’m not joking. I’ll go back to school and get whatever degree I need to have the skills to do that, because that’s how passionate I am about this company. I want everyone in the world to be able to experience Disney’s magic and if I can help in any way, then I’ll be happy. I want to help create magic. For me, doing the Disney College Program is only going to be the first step of my ultimate dream. I can only hope I get accepted because this is the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Disney isn’t just a place, it isn’t just an idea….it’s my life. And that is why I love it more than anything. Because when I wish upon a star, my dreams DO come true.

Why do YOU love Disney? Leave me a comment and share your story 🙂